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Painting Skills Class with Hobbiest Girl

Just Games is pleased to partner with the Sophie Mosher, the Hobbiest Girl herself, for a series of painting skills classes! These are geared toward intermediate painters, but any beginner will find Sophie approachable and easy to ask questions of, either in-person or via chat!

Speaking of, there’s an in-person option at our game room. Come on in with your gear, set up, and watch Sophie in person or streamed to our TV.

There’s also an option to follow along on Sophie’s Zoom account on the day (once you buy a ticket, ask for the passcode to take advantage of this virtual option). You can also join her on Patreon and Twitch channels. Every ticket you buy goes directly to help support both the store and her stream, and there’s a package deal for the first 4 classes.

Overview of First Class

Note that future classes will have a similar structure, but different topics. 

Run time 1pm – 4 pm, arrive at noon for setup & pre-questions 

This introduction class is geared toward painters both new and old. It will focus on fundamentals that will be helpful in the later classes, as well as assisting painters looking to move from tabletop to display level painting.

Total run time; 3 hours. The first portion will be a discussion on the theories of focus. Second portion will be taking those theories and applying them to a miniature.

Important: You will need to assemble and prime your model prior to class. 

Painting Skills Class with Hobbiest Girl

Schedule of Classes

  • 7/25: color theory, zenithal highlights, and brush techniques. We will use a Games Workshop Primaris Lieutenant for this class.
  • 8/15: concepts of Non Metallic Metal. We will use a Games Workshop Primaris Chaplain for this class.
  • 9/5: skin, faces, eyes and effects. We will use a Games Workshop  Hearthguard Berzerkers for this class.
  • 9/26: leather and cloth. We will use a Games Workshop Sorceress for this class.

Register for the series of classes here.

Painting Skills Class with Hobbiest Girl

Recommended Supplies

Teclis blue
Altdorf guard blue
Kantor blue
Temple guard blue
Calgar blue
Baharroth blue
Fenrisian gray
Blue horror
White and black (any brand)

Note: we know specific brands of paint can have *ahem* spotty availability due to COVID, but Sophie wanted us to note that really any close shade to these will do. She recommends GW because they’re readily available, and many folks start with them. We also stock Reaper and Vallejo brands. She may recommend other options during the class too. 

Painting Skills Class with Hobbiest Girl

Other materials

  • Wet palette
  • 2-3 brushes. Sophie will be using a #2 and #00 Raphael 8404 but any larger brush and a fine detail will work.
  • water pot
  • paper towel or cloth for excess paint
  • paint retarder or thinner (optional)


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