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Ravnica Allegiance pre-release @ Nox Cocktail Lounge on Jan 19

For the second time ever, Just Games and Nox Cocktail Lounge are proud to partner for the Ravnica Allegiance Pre-release on January 19.

The event at Nox will be scheduled in their spacious private room and consist of the following schedule:

5 -6 pm: Happy hour and build time. Check in, grab a drink, build your deck and make the most of our hosts excellent lounge.

6-9 pm: Pre-release play! Just like at the store, Just Games will run a sanctioned Ravnica Allegiance pre-release lasting 3, 50-minute rounds. 2 packs will be awarded for playing all the rounds.

6-9pm: 2-Headed Giant Option: A super duper casual option, sign up a team for 2-Headed Giant and get 2 kits. We’ll pair you in round 1, and then after that you can play whomever you want. Stay until 9 pm and earn 2 extra packs!

9pm- close: Pre-release party. Hang out and get some drinks, play some games, or get in some trades.

Please note that this event is for the 21 and older crowd only. For those not interested in this event, not to worry; our usual pre-release schedule for Ravnica Allegiance will continue, with the same time slots but some new and improved features!

Pre-registration for Nox is closed. If you are trying to register with a 2-Headed Giant partner that has already signed up, please stop by the store or call 585-586-0586 to ensure you are registered.

Our other in-store events have seating available for pre-registration. Please see that event posting for details.

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