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Release: Shadows over Innistrad Booster Box $114.99

This Friday, April 8, we will celebrate the release of Shadows Over Innsitrad at Friday Night Magic with the following events:

  • 2-Headed Giant Draft 6:30 pairings
  • Standard, 6:30 pairings
  • Booster Draft 6:40 pairings
  • Modern, 6:45 pairings

We will also have a supply of Fat Packs and Booster Boxes. Best of all, booster boxes will be on sale for $114.99 Friday only. The first 60 players to buy a booster box also get a Buy-A-Box Promo Elusive Tormentor with their box.

And don’t forget: Saturday we have release weekend Sealed at Noon and Draft at 4 pm for Shadows Over Innistrad. All players attending both of those events are eligible to win our Avacyn Standee – can’t make both events? You can still be entered to win the Avacyn Standee if you play any combination of two of these events: Saturday Commander League, any of the FNM events, release sealed, release draft.

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