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Rogue One Special Showing, Dec 18

We are proud to announce that Just Games will be hosting a special showing of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story for our customers at 12:30 pm on Sunday, December 18 at Pittsford Cinema 9. Seatings begin at noon. This showing will be followed by a special, 4-6 pm “Star Wars Destiny Rogue One Learn to Play” at the store.

The movie is in the newly renovated theater with 155 spacious full reclining seats for maximum comfort.

How do you get tickets to this event? It’s easy! If you’re a member already, you can spend points to get yourself free tickets. If you’re not a member, or want more tickets than you have points, you can purchase anything off this list and get 1 or more free tickets. Tickets are available from now until Dec 17, while supplies last, so do some early Christmas shopping and go see Rogue One with your family and friends for free.

How to get Rogue One tickets

  • 2000 Member Rewards Points (MRP) = 1 ticket
  • Star Wars Gamers: Buy $50 or more of any Fantasy Flight Star Wars Game, including X-Wing, Armada, Rebellion, Imperial Assault, any Star Wars RPG, Star Wars Destiny, Star Wars Carcassonne (whoops! Spoiler, that’s coming soon), or any 3rd party Star-Wars related accessory.
  • Magic players: Buy 1 booster box of anything not Kaladesh, get 1 free ticket.
  • Buy 1 booster box of Eternal Masters, get 2 free tickets.
  • Star Wars Destiny: Pre-order and pre-pay for a wave 2 booster box of Star Wars Destiny, get double rewards points (enough for 1 free ticket) PLUS 1 free ticket.
  • Buy $100+ of anything else totally unrelated to Star Wars, get 1 free ticket
  • You may buy extra tickets in-store or below for $12

Rogue One Special Showing, Dec 18

All tickets must be physically picked up in-store prior to December 18. If you have questions, please email any of our friendly staffers at and may the force be with you!

Rogue One Special Showing, Dec 18

Tickets are non-refundable at Just Games and have no cash value. Tickets are good only for the show time listed on the ticket. Ticket must be picked up at the store prior to December 18 to be valid. 

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