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RPG & Miniatures Bazaar, Noon January 5

Every year at our Board Game Swap & Sell we get requests for RPGs and Miniatures. Let’s face it, the board games are so overwhelming we don’t have room to do both, and most folks looking for board games aren’t trying to fill out an RPG collection. So we’ve made a second, once per year event – the RPG and Miniatures Bazaar. Bring in your old RPG books and supplements, set a price, and get them gone. Got an old Warhammer army? Want to trade it up? Bring it in, set your price, and get some store credit for them!

We’re also playing some RPGs today, and the prolific local author, William Adcock, will be on hand to sign copies of his latest Cthulhu Invictus suppliment AND run a Call of Cthulhu game. Wow, that’s a lot! So how do you check items in? First, starting on December 31, and running until the day of the sale you may drop off items

  • Set your price, write it on a tag with your member ID
  • Fill out a quick list of items dropped off
  • Put your game on the tables with your member ID
  • Get store credit on your account when it sells

Swap is for date above only. Items left behind at the swap become property of Just Games Rochester LLC and will be used to support local libraries and schools, added to our own library, or donated to Goodwill as appropriate. Our last swap generated over $2000 for charity (not counting any of the store credit our customers walked away with!). Items may be dropped off on the day or up to 48 hours in advance. Please note that Just Games takes no responsibility for the care of your items, all items not picked up by close of business the day of the swap become property of Just Games Rochester LLC.

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