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Stuff your Stocking Sale is Friday, December 7

Stuff Your Stocking Sale is Friday, December 7

Grab the biggest stocking, sock or article of clothing for a foot you can find and come to Just Games on Friday December 7 for the 2018 Stuff Your Stocking Sale! St. Nick comes to visit on Friday Night and we want to help fill your stockings with great games.

We’ll give you double points on any item you can stuff in your stocking, as well as cookies and punch while you shop.

What if I don’t have a Giant Stocking?

Don’t have a Stocking? Don’t worry – we’ll rent a stocking to you for $5 – with all proceeds from the Stocking Rentals being used to purchase new socks for the homeless shelters in the Rochester area.

Don’t forget – White Elephant Gifts under the tree!

We have pre-wrapped blind-buy holiday gifts for $20 (Values of the games inside range from $40-$80). Perfect for when you forget a gift for a party or last minute event this season!


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