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Star Wars Destiny, “Regional Schmegional” Tournament, March 9

Join the largest upstate New York Star Wars Destiny community as they host our take on a regional tournament, in one of the most ridiculously fun formats we’ve ever run at Just Games! If you’re a Destiny fan, or a Star Wars fan, or you just like seeing goofy people being goofy, this is a great event.

Registration starts at noon, round 1 at 12:30pm. Entry will be $20. Format is Standard. Prizes will be bonkers. Like, as in, there’s a lot of them, but also some are kind of, well, you’ll see!



The main event will follow the structure of a Regional, including deck lists and rules enforcement. Prizes shall be… well, a little more exciting.

  • 1st place: 1 BB8 trophy made entirely of BB8 dice
  • Top 3, Ahsoka Tano Spot-Gloss cards
  • Top 6, 1 2018 Season playmat
  • Top 8 1 Deckbox STUFFED will promos from the 2017-2019 store event seasons. Did you miss an event? Here’s your chance to get the promos
  • Top 32 Alt art Tinker and Alt Art Force Speed
  • Everyone: 2 packs of some set we have in stock for participating
  • Additional prizes added by the community

SIDE EVENTS – Starting after the cut in the main event

So let’s say you just want to learn the game, or play some crazy format. Or let’s say you don’t make the cut – we know, crazy right! You always make the cut! But just in case you don’t, instead of watching your friends play, here are some formats we’re going to support.

Each of these events will get a full event kit as prize support, on top of the other events.

Regardless of the release of Convergence, Side Events will be “pre Convergence Standard” so you can celebrate the old format’s exit in style!



Regional Schmegional

Star Wars Destiny, “Regional Schmegional” Tournament, March 9



Standard format, except every deck must include the Solidarity plot, and no Kylo 2. Sorry Kylo, you’re not fun.

Prizes: 1 pack per win, maximum of 4 rounds. $8 entry.


A Star Wars Destiny Battle Royale Alternate Format of Play

The Battle Royale format is a 1-hour, multiplayer event. In this event, you will bring ONLY ONE (1) NON-UNIQUE CHARACTER to pit against multiple opponents in a last person standing format. The NON-UNIQUE CHARACTER will be ELITE using 2 character dice.

This most often means that players will be divided into groups of 4.  The TO will announce prior to the start of the first match how many total games will be played; a tournament with 8 players may include two total games with regrouping after the first game.  It is not recommended that the event include more than two total games with a cumulative score determining the winner, regardless of player count.

Prizes: $5 entry, top table (or single winner) divides the prizing by score, starting with highest score.

Full rules available online


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