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Star Wars Game Day

Join us for July Star Wars Day. Why? Because people asked for a tournament to use some of these cool new ships and get a little pre-Gen Con practice in.

Tournament-style event. 28-player cap.
4 round cap
Entry $10
Prizes: Contents of 1-2 prize kits, Father’s Day Promos, Po Promos, etc. + store credit based on attendance
Tournament Rules apply, Squad Lists required.

Casual play. Everyone who plays gets a promo from a prize kit. Random participants who finish at least one game will win top prizes from that kit.
Learn to play. Never played? We’ll show you how to fly!

Campaign play. Choose a campaign from the main game or play skermish against an opponent of your choosing. Haven’t played either? We’ll teach you!

Playing in any ONE event gets you entry into ALL events for free. So enroll in X-Wing, then play Imperial Assault when you’re done. Or play a game of Imperial Assault, then try out Armada when you’re finished.

We’re also going to try and have some casual X-Wing formats, like co-op and Armada Take the Station available for anyone who wants to try them.

Everyone who participates will get a promo card from an X-Wing prize kit – including Poe and double-sided Luke / Vader pilot cards.

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