Throne of Eldraine – All Day Drafts & Collector Boosters

Throne of Eldraine, the newest Magic expansion, releases on October 4 at Just Games Rochester! Join us in celebrating this awesome fairy tale themed set. All day drafts start at noon, with seating for the first draft at 12:30.

What’s more, Collector Boosters will be available for the first time for purchase right at the front counter. Collector Boosters are new for Throne, and include all the fancy alternate art cards you’ve seen spoiled online – up until this set, these cool cards were only available at special conventions and in highly limited Mythic Editions. Now, they’re available to you, right at your local game store! These will be limited to 2 per customer today, with the option to purchase an additional booster for each draft a customer participates in. Here’s our draft schedule, so you can plan ahead.

All Day Draft Schedule

  • Noon
  • 3:30 pm
  • 6:30 pm
  • On demand as 8 players arrive any other time up to 6:30

So if you played all 3 drafts, you could get 5 Collector Boosters. Neat! Drafts are $20 after tax (or $18.40 before tax, if you prefer to think of it that way) and include the following cool prizes:

All Day Draft Prizes

  • 3-0  5 packs
  • 2-0-1  4 packs
  • 2-1  3 packs
  • Other records  1 pack

Those are the best prizes available in our area, so be sure to plan ahead and join us for All Day Drafts!

Throne of Eldraine – All Day Drafts & Collector Boosters

But how much ARE Collector Boosters?

An understandable question – with pre-orders ranging from $30-$45 online, we have decided to offer them for $29.99. As with every Magic product, our goal as a business is to charge what we need to in order to maintain our level of service, not necessarily what we could. Since we’re selling these at the lowest price available (as of this posting), we feel the need to set limits so everyone has a chance to get a couple.

Will Collector Packs be Reprinted?

Collector Boosters are not scheduled to be reprinted at this time, outside of a tiny, select product called the Holiday Gift Box. This box will likely retail at or above $50, so buying individual Collector packs will be the least expensive way to get all the cool alternate printings of cards in Throne!

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