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Throne of Eldraine Collector Booster Draft – Friday, Oct 5, 6pm

This Friday is All Day Draft day for Throne of Eldraine, but at 6 pm we’re going to have a very special, very limited seating, Collector Booster Draft.

This one-time-ever event will feature a draft made up of only Collector Boosters, a $29.99 each product featuring foils and promotional art frames from the new, Throne of Eldraine, Magic the Gathering expansion. Pre-registration is strongly encouraged, because our product is so limited, we cannot promise more than 8 seats for this event. Collector Draft will be $100 after sales tax.



We realize that “most of the prize” is getting 3 extra Collector Boosters, but what’s Magic without a little friendly competition? If you win 2 of your matches, you’ll get a Eldraine Promo booster pack. If you win all 3, you’ll get a Premium all foil Booster Pack.



Collector Booster Draft

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