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Unstable Booster Box Pre-order

____ + ____ = Unstable Expendable Test Subjects Will Be Required… Available December 8, 2017 | 216 or so silver-bordered Magic cards

The newest “crazy” Magic set is here – Unstable. Featuring a slew of fun, silly, or just plain goofy mechanics and cards, Unstable arrives in stores December 8. We will be featuring all day drafts starting at noon on Friday December 8, and an Unstable FNM Draft. Drafts will also be offered on demand all day Saturday, December 9, starting at noon. If you’d like a box of Unstable, you can pre-order below $129.99, get double points (that’s basically a free draft) and a Black Friday Buy a Box pack!

Not enough? We’ll give you 1 free UnStable Draft with your box if yon pick it up during All Day Drafts on Friday, Dec 8.

Unstable Booster Box

Unstable Booster Box Pre-order

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