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Vampire the Masquerade wins RPG of the Year, tables starting soon

Vampire the Masquerade just won Best RPG of 2019 and Fan Favorite at Origins Game Fair and is generating a tremendous amount of positive buzz with it’s mechanics and fascinating world building. Just Games will be hosting this game two nights a week, starting in August, one on Wednesday and one on Friday. We are looking for additional players and Storytellers (like a game master) to help play in and run these games!

Edition: We will be using the brand new 5th Edition of the book. Just Games will be offering $10 off their regular price and a free PDF to all who purchase the core book from us and join one of these tables. Because of the overwhelming demand from our Free RPG Tables, we are taking the unusual step of allowing players who purchase a book to reserve a seat on a specific day for the August start of in-store games. The usual $3 per player table fee will apply, and Storytellers will get a like amount to buy supplemental books with.

Interested in becoming a Storyteller on one of these nights? Contact Matt at to find table start times. Want to reserve a book and a seat at the table? You can do so below, then pick up the book in store any time. Buying a book via this method gets you a guaranteed seat at our August game sessions on Wed or Friday (please specify at checkout).

Sign up to get a book and a saved seat

Books are on the shelf, if you buy one in store, you can specify that you want to play and we will extend this pricing to you as well. All purchases also receive Member Reward Points. 

Vampire Table Pass

Vampire the Masquerade wins RPG of the Year, tables starting soon

Vampire the Masquerade wins RPG of the Year, tables starting soon
Since this is a game about Vampires, monsters who drink the blood of the living, and generally has some adult themes and content, we ask that players adhere to some special rules for these games. If these rules aren’t okay with you, we politely suggest that perhaps a home game might be better suited, but that the game still has some excellent rules and is worth a second look.
Rules of Decorum for Vampire Games at the store
We know we have a Code of Conduct, but we want participants of this game to be very aware that this isn’t your living room, and everyone needs to be able to have fun playing together. And yeah, you’re playing monsters, so, some separation of role-play and real life up front is desirable. 

1. No biting – Please never bite anyone, it will break the Masquerade and you WILL lose humanity. O v-v O

2. No “RL” politics. – Vampire is a game of politics and manipulation (among other things). We will never use real life politician names or parties in our game. We are here to escape the real world for a few hours a week, not bring up the politics of the day.

3. Treat our game like it will be surrounded by 8 year olds, because, it will. This game will be PG. We also don’t want participants to be uncomfortable. To that end see #4.

4. X button. Each Vampire game will be run with a notecard with a big “X” written on it. If someone feels uncomfortable with the way the story is going they can hit the X and it will stop the game. We will discuss why the direction of the story is problematic and then rewind the scene before the offending part. If you hit the X you do not need to explain it other than “I am not comfortable with the direction of the story” and we will leave it at that. You will not have to explain it to anyone. This is for non-game mechanics, so we wont rewind for a bad roll or something like that. This is for story progression. This is for player comfort and fun, not to avoid bad story results. We can also use it to just pause the game for any OOC questions you have or ask a question about something that would impact the game in a bad way.

5. Intimacy – The embrace is meant to be a sensual experience for the vampire and their prey. Please keep the flavor of this to a minimum. We may come up with a phrase that fits for our game alone and would be completely innocuous to the kids that may be in the store, or even the participants of the game that may be uncomfortable with this content. When in doubt see #3
5. All genders will be what your character is. You are free to play whichever gender you want, please let us know what you wish to identify with and we will do our best to maintain that. No judgements at all. For example if in real life you identify as a female but wish to play as a male then we will call you “He” in game.
6. Dress code: Garb is perfectly fine, it should not be too revealing (see 3).
7. This is a judgement free zone. You may have played WoD games since the 90s every day since, or you may be brand new to it. We want to foster a welcoming table where you can ask questions of me or your fellow players. 5e JUST came out so there may be times where you are unsure of what to do, please do not be afraid to ask. Your Storyteller might also not know the rules, so help them out – politely – when errors are made.
8. Have fun. With a little luck we should have some epic times together! 


Questions or concerns can be addressed to our store owner, Matt, at – this email is monitored daily, during store hours, and any concerns or questions should be answered swiftly.

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