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Free RPG Day 2019, June 15

Free RPG Day has always been part of our core lineup, and this year is no exception! We have a massive slate of RPGs ready to play, tons of free goodies for anyone who stops in, and Premium Sponsors who are publishers that have donated their time or books for folks who participate in a game!

Stopping in gets you a free book off our Free RPG Day table – there’s lots of great stuff there. And we’ve got open tables if you want to sit down and read or even get a pickup game going.

Premium Free RPG Sponsors

We are pleased to work with these great companies to bring you an even better Free RPG Day experience. These amazing sponsor items are available if you play one of their great games (or any other game if their tables are full) during Free RPG Day. We’ll be giving away books from these great sponsors every hour, on the hour, all day until close! So hang out and game, and get more free goodies!

Fantasy Flight Games

Makers of Legend of the Five Rings and Star Wars RPGs

  • 6 beginner adventures
  • 6 starter rules
  • 6 sets of Star Wars RPG Dice
  • 6 sets of maps

Monte Cook Games

Makers of Numenera, The Strange, Cypher and No Thank you, Evil!

  • 2 Starter rules
  • 2 Starter adventures
  • 6 sets of dice


Makers of Pathfinder and Starfinder

  • 6 copies of the Pathfinder 2E Playtest rules (assorted hardcover and softcover)
  • 6 sets of diceAdditional items will be free to anyone who stops in from the main kit


  • 3 copies of The Bloody Handed Name of Bronze RPG


Makers of Runequest and Call of Cthulhu

  • 5 Alone Against the Dark
  • 5 Runequest Quickstart Rules
  • 5 Call of Cthulhu Quickstart Rules
  • 5 Alone Against the Flame

Schedule of Individual RPG Tables

Pre-registration is available below
Starting at 12:30 pm registration, 1 pm start, $10 registration (Free with purchase of any RPG core book, or 500 reward points)
  • Fiasco (with pirates!) and with Stephen Watson
  • Mothership RPG, with Alex Cavaliere
  • Numenera with John Kramer
  • Legend of the Five Rings with Ben Lalka
  • Dungeon Crawl Classics with Dustin Manning

Starting at Noon, Free ‘Taster’ table(s)

Starting at 4:30 pm start time, $10 registration

  • Call of Cthulhu with Bill Adcock
  • Numenera, with Patrick Gilmore
  • Overlight, with Angel Santiago
  • Adventures in Middle Earth Eaves of Mirkwood, with Frank Schuttee

Starting at 4:30, Free ‘Taster’ table(s)

Free RPG Day Premium Tables

Free RPG Day 2019, June 15

Want to get on the schedule? Email Matt at to schedule a game!
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