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Dungeon Drop – Local Kickstarter Pre-order

Anticipated Release Feb 2020

Dungeon Drop is brilliant little game we want to tell you about – pick up a fistfull of cubes, drop them on the table, and build your dungeon! This clever game uses old components for a fun new twist proving that “once you drop, the fun won’t stop!”

Backing Kickstarter’s locally does two great things; one, it supports your local game store; we appreciate that. Two, it saves shipping costs for the content creator and the customer (hey! that’s you!). If you pre-order it, you’ll get $3 off the shipped Kickstarter price, for a nice round $20 game!

Matt’s take: I saw this concept and backed it in 30 seconds, then I did my research on Jason. The game is a strong contender for the cleverest “dungeon” themed game this year. Quick and easy to learn, fun to play. Read on below to learn to play!

Gather your gear and prepare to dive into the labyrinth! Teeming with untold treasure, the tunnels are said to be inhabited by unusual creatures, both adorable and terrible. Keep your wits about you as the very walls shift in the torchlight…

…it’s time to drop into the dungeon!

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Learn to Play Dungeon Drop

Draft rulebook
Draft rulebook