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Voice Acting for D&D and Role-Players, January 25 & 26

Are you ready to up your acting abilities role-playing gamers? We’re always searching for new and interesting experiences to make your gaming that much cooler!

If you attended our Fall series, you know Chad is an excellent teacher who takes feedback well and tailors his classes to the needs of the gamers in his group. The goal of these intensive Voice Acting classes is to take your fantasy role to a whole new level with instructor Chad from Cassano studio.. This will boost your confidence and eliminate your fear as you become an effective DM, learn to bring voice acting to your characters, or create a group of friends that can put on a podcast or show like Critical Role!

Who is this for
Anyone whose ever wanted to do cool, funny, terrifying voices at a role-playing table. Perfect for those running first-time horror games for Halloween, or anyone looking to bring a bit of flare to their character!

About the Teacher
Chad’s experience has been in the area of voice overs and voice acting, recording and Sound Engineering. With Chad’s extensive background in acting as your support, you’ll be able to up your game and create unique and interesting experience for the players at your table! This group class will focus on learning and playing together as a group, exactly as you would at a D&D table. Some of Chad’s students’ work can be heard online at his website, located here.

At this workshop, students will learn to master base voices by interacting with 5 types.

  • The tough
  • The wise
  • The innocent
  • The crazy
  • The pathetic
These 5 were taught by youtuber sherlock hulmes. Chad will be using it to help the students to diversify their voice range and ability.  And of course, there will be new fun interactive improv games to play, and a game module used to coach students through how to apply these techniques in their games.

The first two workshops will be Saturday January 25 and Sunday January 26, 4 to 6 pm. You can sign up for both together, as they will build on each other, but dropins are welcome and entirely fine within the workshop curriculum.

THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUTVoice Acting for D&D and Role-Players, January 25 & 26
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