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District 9 Board Game, 2 days to preorder

We don’t do this often, but the District 9 Board Game from the WETA Workshop is available for preorder for 2 days only. This game was originally going to be Kickstarter for $169, then canceled, then picked up by manufacturing, and now peaking into the open again. We’ll be discounting it a bit off the Kickstarter for preorders, and the exact contents may vary slightly from their original solicit, but the game’s concept looks amazing. If you’re not familiar with WETA, they’re the special effects folks. Yeah, THOSE special effects folks. Insane quality, insane look, rarely reprinted, these games are a solid gamers or collect.

District 9 Board Game

District 9 Board Game, 2 days to preorder


District 9: The Boardgame, a competitive 2-4 player game based on the classic sci-fi film. Return to District 9 and relive the three days of the film from a whole new perspective. Lead your Faction through the alien slum in a search for the tech that will give you the edge. Salvage the most technology, take control of the district, and claim your victory!

  • 5 Gameboard Tiles, 4 Starting Hexes, 1 Dropship Tile
  • 24 Tech tiles, 4 Outpost tiles, 16 Mech tiles
  • 4 Faction Decks (160 cards), 4 Deployable Ally Decks (32 cards), Starting Boost Cards (24), District Boost Cards (24), Event Card Decks (56), Wikus Deck (24 cards), Character Profile Cards (5)
  • 4 Vehicle Dashboards, 1 Card & Events Tracker, 1 Mech profile dashboard, 1 Unrest Meter, 1 Unrest Reference Card
  • 12 Stat Trackers, 4 District Boost deployable Ally rings
  • 36 Faction Minis (9 per faction), 6 District Boost Deployable Ally Minis (6), Wikus Minis (2), Mech Mini (1), Character Minis (4), Prawn Minis (30)
  • 1 Cat Food Pouch
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