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Warhammer Fantasy Monthly Escalation League

Monthly Warhammer League

Cost: Spend at least $15 in the store (they have lots of great Reaper minis, GW kits, the full Citadel Paint line, and tons of board and card games, dice, etc.).

Format (Using Pre-End Times 25% Lord allowances):

Game 1 (500 points) Unit Champion can be army general

Game 2 (1000 points) Army MUST include all troops from the first battle but their unit size can be increased

Game 3 (2000 points) MUST include all units from earlier battles.

Game 4 (100 point skirmish battle)
Individual models representing “survivors” and “veterans” from the previous games, only core troops, one champion allowed to act as general (champion may come from special choice)

Winning a battle is worth 2 points
Draw is worth 1 point
“Favorite Army” gets 2 points
“Favorite Opponent” gets 2 points

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