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Game of Thrones “Calling the Banners” League

Game of Thrones League

“Calling the Banners”

Join other players in calling your banners to your aid in our Game of Thrones league! Here’s how it works.


Each league season is 2 months long.

Entry is $3 / week and covers all prizes, which are awarded at the end of each 2 month season.

When you sign up for each league, you declare allegiance for one House (Stark, Greyjoy, Lannister, Martel, Night’s Watch, Baratheon, Tyrell, Targaryen).

If your house has more banners on the map at the end of a league season, you will choose from the Game of Thrones League prizes for that season first.


Each League Night, each player will place 1 banner for one of the house decks they played that night. This banner must correspond to the house of a deck the player actually played. Players do not need to play the house they declared allegiance for.


Adding Banners to the World Map

Players get 1 additional banner for each player they had more power than at the end of a melee match. For example: Jon, Sarah, Frank and Mary are playing a game. Mary wins, getting 15 power first and ending the game. At the game’s end, Jon has 13 power, Frank has 12, and Sarah has 9. Mary will get to place 3 extra banners (1 for each player she had more power than), Jon will place 2, Frank will place 1 extra, and Mary will place no extra banners. Mary will still get to place 1 for attending the league, however.


Removing Opposing Houses Banners

Players whose house has more banners in a given location may, once per League night, choose to remove all the banners of a house with fewer banners at that location. If they do, they must remove a like number of their house’s banners. For example, if the Starks have 8 banners in Winterfell, and the Lannisters have 6, a Stark-affiliated player may remove 6 Stark banners and 6 Lannister banners, leaving 2 Stark Banners at Winterfell.


End of Each 2-Month cycle

At the end of each 2-month cycle, houses will score points for the banners in each location as follows:

  • Only one house’s banners present 3 points
  • Two or more houses present, but one house is ahead 2 points
  • Two or more houses tied for most banners 1 point

After scoring, banners are reduced according to “Removing Opposing Houses Banners” above, and a new League cycle begins. Thus, a house retains some position for the next conflict.


Players may participate in as many melee matches as they have time for during the store’s League Night.


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