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What is Commander ‘Bingo’ League?

This article is about our Wed / Saturday ongoing commander achievement league, styled around a bingo-style grid of achievements. How to play Commander you can see the Wizards article. For how to build a commander deck, go here. 

Ah, Commander. The objectively goofiest format in all of Magic. A lawless land where even the tiniest 1/1 Goblin token has a shot at being a part of the game-winning play. It’s a deck builder’s paradise and many players’ favorite way to play Magic. And because this format is so unique in its intentional casual-ness, we like to run it a little differently ‘round these parts.

We see Commander as the format where one-of-a-kind memorable moments should happen, so we base our prize support not on wins but on an achievement based system. It promotes interesting deck building as the primary strategy, and allows some niche cards to finally find their home. Allow me to introduce you to the Just Games Commander Bingo card:

What is Commander ‘Bingo’ League?

The way this bad boy works is that throughout your night of various Commander games, you may aim for any of the achievements on the board. Once you’ve had your fill of spellslinging, head up to the front counter and claim some stamps for your board. You may claim up to three stamps per Commander event you come to, but the key part is that all your stamps have to come from the same game. For example, if you played two games and were able to pull off one achievement in your first game and two in your second, you can only claim those two stamps from the second game.

As with any bingo game, if you successfully fill in any row, column or diagonal you receive a prize according to the following list:

  • Finish a Row: Booster pack of choice, under $6 OR a non-foil promo pack
  • Finish a Column: Standard set booster pack
  • Finish a Diagonal: Foil promo pack, OR two blind pulls from the promo drawer
  • Finish the Whole Grid: Standard collector booster pack

With each major set release, we start a new bingo board themed around the mechanics and tropes of the set. The one above was of course the Lord of the Rings themed one, but at time of writing we’ll soon be moving on to the Wilds of Eldraine board. If you’re lucky enough to fill up the whole board with stamps before the bingo board season is over, you can graduate to the extra difficult board which follows the same rules but with VERY hard achievements. Each season if you complete the season’s board you can go back to working on your difficult board again.

At each Commander event we also have a unique way to get promos. You’ll want to have the Magic Companion app on your device, because if you enter in the event’s code in your app you’ll get a sticker. You can cash in five of these stickers up front to pick one of anything you like from our promo drawer. It’s not a blind pick, you get exactly what you want! So if you’ve been eyeing any of the promos from the last couple of years, this is an easy way to get ahold of ‘em.

Looking to give it a try? Come into the store on Wednesdays at 6:00pm or Saturdays at 12:00pm to get started! New players are always welcome, we’ll be happy to find you a table so you can have some fun
slinging cardboard.




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