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What’s this Guild Ball game?

Guild Ball is a Medieval Football skirmish game with a developing following in Rochester, in which teams of players representing various mercantile guilds battle it out on the pitch to settle differences between their employers and generally keep fractious city-states from going to war with one another.

We play Guild Ball at 6pm every Thursday at Just Games.

You win a standard match by scoring 12 points (6 for a half team of two starter sets), with 4 scored for a goal and 2 for taking an opposing player out. Some teams (which comprise a Captain, a Mascot and 4 unique players in a standard game) focus on the goal-scoring game, some on the punch-fest and some on a balance of the two. This allows the game to have a reasonable length while not favoring scoring teams over killing teams, or vice versa.

One quick descriptive sentence about each faction:
The Alchemists
The Alchemists are all about board control, throwing AoE effects that variously damage and slow their opponents.
The Brewers
The Brewers are a tough, slower team that push other teams around, knocking them down.
The Butchers
The Butchers guild are unsurprisingly about cutting the opposing team to pieces; they’re deadly.
The Engineers
The Engineers are a mixture of specialists with a lot of ranged effects and skills that enable them to excel at a particular role (scorer, fighter, ball-recovery, etc.).
The Fishermen
The Fishermen focus on outrunning their opponents and scoring goals, lacking in damage; every player is a threat to score.
The Masons
The Masons guild is balanced and all about team synergy; they can equally succeed fighting or scoring.
The Morticians
The Morticians employ a number of dirty tricks to control and punish the opposing team, making it easier for them to finish them off or score that final goal.
The Union
The Union are both an individual team and mercenaries; each player brings a particular skillset to a subset of the other teams, and as their own team, they are a very flexible group of powerful players.
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