Miniatures Store events

X-Wing League, Thursdays at 6 pm

Join us at Just Games Rochester for X-Wing League each Thursday at 6 pm! Got some 1.0 stuff and want to learn what this 2.0 fuss is about? We have extra components, come try it! Got a lot of 2.0, but haven’t gotten to play? No problem. Here’s how it works, pilot:

Weekly league

  • 6 pm start time
  • Free to play
  • Play 1 or more games each week, get a random X-Wing promo card
  • Players who purchase 1 or more ships on a week get 1 additional X-Wing promo item (acrylic tokens or other non-card item) or cards, depending on supply

If you don’t want to play, but want to hang out and check out 2nd edition, you’re more than welcome. There’s been some talk of putting together an Aturi Cluster campaign for 2.0, so if you’re one of those that wants to see that happen, come on down this Thursday night and kick it off!

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