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2019 Brawl Decks, preorder now

Releases on October 4, 2019

When Throne of Eldraine releases, the first ever pre-constructed Brawl decks will also release, and Brawl will become a regular part of our Saturday Commander League! You can pre-order the entire set of 4 Brawl decks below, and pre-payment will earn double points. If you would like your decks shipped, and you are in the continental US, shipping is included and will be provided to the address on your PayPal account. If you are local to Rochester, your decks will be available at the front service counter on release day.

Pre-orders are now closed, Brawl will be available on release day.




Choose your champion! Brawl is a little like Standard, a little like Commander, and a uniquely exciting deck-brewing challenge. Build a deck around a specific legendary creature or planeswalker from the Standard card pool, and battle against friends in one-on-one or multiplayer free-for-all games.


  • 1 commander card (any legendary creature or planeswalker from a set currently in Standard)
  • 59 other cards (also from sets currently in Standard)
  • Only one copy of any card, except for basic lands

The color identity of all cards in your deck must fall within the color identity of your commander (color identity encompasses colored mana symbols in both the card’s cost and its rules text—for example, Shalai, Voice of Plenty’s color identity is green-white).

Exception: if your commander is colorless, you can play unlimited copies of any one type of basic land.


  • 2–6 players
  • With 3 or more players, start at 30 life; with only 2 players, start at 25 life
  • The first mulligan is to seven cards, then each mulligan afterward results in one fewer card (six, five, four etc.)
  • All commanders start in their command zone
  • Commanders can be cast for their mana cost, plus 2 mana more for each time they’ve been put back in the command zone
  • Last player standing wins
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