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3 Kaldheim deals you might’ve missed

Kaldheim pre-release week starts this Friday! You can pick up your prerelease packs and draft boxes starting at noon and running until the following Thursday at noon!

We noticed there are a few deals folks aren’t taking full advantage of, so we wanted to pull those out and highlight them here.

Buy 3 Boxes, Get Commander Green Premium FREE3 Kaldheim deals you might’ve missed


3 Kaldheim deals you might’ve missed

Did you miss Commander Green Premium Preorders? Did you go “oh crap, not worth it now.” Snag 3 Draft Boxes of Kaldheim and get 1 Commander Green Premium foil set totally free. That’s a roughly $600 value for $387.

Order your draft boxes now


Buy 6, Get 1 BaB

3 Kaldheim deals you might’ve missed

Due to COVID, Wizards relaxed their Buy a Box Program so that you get a Buy a Box Promo for every booster box, but ALSO for every 6 prerelease kits you buy. We’ve seen a lot of folks getting 4 or 5, and skipping that 6th one.

Snag those extras while you can! Already placed an order for some? Just mention the order number at checkout and we’ll combine them to qualify for your Buy a Box Promo


Most Metal Giveaway

3 Kaldheim deals you might’ve missed

Want to be the “MOST METAL MAGIC PLAYER?!” Of course you do! Take a selfie in your “Most Metal” pose, makeup, or actual metal band (get creative!). Be sure to include your Kaldheim prerelease kit in the pic somehow!

We’re super lax about what’s actually the featured “Magic product” in this picture. Photoshop it, we don’t care, just have fun. 

Tag @JustGamesRochester on Facebook or Instagram, or email us your pic at, and you’re entered to win a free Booster Box of Kaldheim in our Most Metal Giveaway!

Winners will be announced on the weekend of the set release, on February 5, 2021.

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