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Age of Sigmar: Soul Wars Announced

With the 2nd Edition of Age of Sigmar kicking off on June 30th, the Soul Wars box set is the best value for Warhammer Age of Sigmar fans in years. All the new releases are detailed below, as well as a pre-order section. Pre-orders open June 16. If you don’t want to pre-pay, no problem, you can call 585-586-0586 or email to reserve a copy. As always, pre-payment or reservations paid for on release day get you double reward points.

All products listed here release June 30, 2018 and are available for local pickup at Just Games Rochester. Preorder below or read on for full details.

Age of Sigmar Soul Wars Preorder

Age of Sigmar: Soul Wars Announced

Soul Wars Box Set

Soul Wars is, without a doubt, Warhammer Age of Sigmar’s best boxed set ever. Jam-packed with brand new content for every kind of player, from two armies of never-before-seen models to the new edition’s magnificent core book, and even more besides. Jam packed with content, including the new revised Core Rulebook, this is an excellent deal at $159.99.

Thanks to some extra-cunning engineering, every single model in the kit is push fit, from your line infantry to the magnificent Heroes who lead each force. If you’re looking to get gaming in the new edition as soon as possible, just grab a pair of clippers and you’ll have both forces built in no time.



Age of Sigmar: Soul Wars Announced

The miniatures in this set represent some of Warhammer Age of Sigmar’s most anticipated releases to date, from a bold new direction for the Stormcast Eternals, to Death’s first major release in years. Full pictures of the armies and contents in the box are below.

Age of Sigmar: Soul Wars AnnouncedAge of Sigmar: Soul Wars Announced


Age of Sigmar 2E Core Rulebook

Age of Sigmar: Soul Wars Announced

If you’re serious about Warhammer Age of Sigmar, the Core Book is for you – it’s a compendium packed with lore, art and rules and is the ultimate guide for your battles in this new age of war. Like most core books, this one will be $59.99.

The first part of the Core Book takes our closest look at the narrative of the Mortal Realms so far, fleshing out the timeline and taking a look at everything from the Age of Myth, to the capture of Slaanesh, to the Realmgate Wars and the Shyish Necroquake. Sumptuous new art realises the Mortal Realms in gorgeous detail, with sweeping vistas that truly underline the cosmic scale of the setting.

Age of Sigmar: Soul Wars Announced


Malign Sorcery Box and Rulebook

Age of Sigmar: Soul Wars Announced

Malign Sorcery is by far and away our favourite change in the new edition – it’s an expansion that takes magic and turns it up to 11. The entire box set is $74.99.

Got a wizard in your army? Get this expansion, and they’ll have 13 new endless spells to play with, summoned sorceries with massive in-game effects. We’ve previewed a few of these over the past few weeks, but now, we can reveal the full list in all of its glory:

Age of Sigmar: Soul Wars Announced


General’s Handbook

Age of Sigmar: Soul Wars Announced

For matched play gamers, you’ll be able to diversify your games with 12 more battleplans. Using new rules for rolling up which battleplan you’ll play, you can combine these with the battleplans in your Core Book for a total of 18 (or 20, if you include Malign Sorcery)! You’ll have to stay on your toes and build your lists to tackle all manner of possible situations if you want to thrive. Meanwhile, pitched battle profiles provide points for every single Warhammer Age of Sigmar model in the Mortal Realms. Retail for this beautiful book will be just $34.99.

This General’s Handbook is also an incredible resource for narrative play, offering you some really flexible and powerful rules for designing battleplans of your own and telling rich stories on the battlefield. 43 new special rules allow you to add all manner of strange effects to your games, from showers of meteors to storms of magic and networks of tunnels – combined with the battleplan generator, you’ll be able to create rich campaigns with ease.


Age of Sigmar: Soul Wars Announced

In the new edition, tactical play is key, and victory could come down to a matter of inches. You’ll want to make sure that every move, every pile in and every charge is as effective as possible, and a great way to do it is with the new Combat Gauge! Made of solid metal, this little device makes small measurements easy and is a great way to quickly resolve combats, check coherency and more.

New accessories will include

  • Objective Markers $34.99
  • Combat Gauge $14.99
  • Wound Counters $12.49
  • Command and Status Dice $19.99
  • Scenery Dice $19.99


Age of Sigmar: Soul Wars Announced

If Soul Wars has you hungry for even MORE of the new Stormcast Eternals and Nighthaunt models – well, rest assured, there’s plenty more cool stuff on the way. On the release weekend, meanwhile, you’ll be able to grab a range of push fit kits to bolster your forces from Soul Wars. If you’re a fan of the Sacrosanct Chamber, you’ll be able to reinforce your army with some Sequitors and Castigators (not to mention a loyal Gryph-hound!)…

…while Nighthaunt players can add a Deathbeat Drummer to their Glaivewraith Stalkers, or add the shrieking Myrmourn Banshees to their armies – diabolical wizard-hunters with the power to feast on magical energy.

Each of these new model kits will be $14.99 each.

Organized Play

We are already playing Age of Sigmar on Wednesdays at 6 pm. So join us for the launch of the new edition and get in on some narrative play, or practice for the next area tournament!

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