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Ben Schnuck joins the Commander Sealed 2022 Event lineup

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Ben Schnuck joins the Commander Sealed 2022 Event lineup

Ben began playing Magic in 2019 when he started working at his local LGS, and after opening his first pack, the rest is literally history. His story begins shortly after lockdown in early 2020, when a bored in the house and in the house bored college student took to his computer to create some Magic proxies for webcam Commander games. These early proxies were a creative outlet to explore his newfound love of Magic alongside a longstanding passion for math and science. Mix in some Photoshop and Illustrator Youtube tutorials and voila, he was on to something entirely unique. Read Ben’s story here.Ben will have a variety of artist proofs, painted and sketched, as well as other products and prints to sell at his booth. Stop by and say hi to one of Magic’s up and coming artists!


 What is this event? 

17 pack sealed Commander, drawing from a huge variety of sets throughout Magic’s recent history, withg 100% of proceeds going to benefit the Trevor Project. Last year we raised $4500 with a 64 player seating – this year we can seat up to 256. Average ticket value is $130 in booster packs, plus free entry into each of our give aways. Help us reach those goals!

Current giveaways and Trevor Project raffle items can be found here. 

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