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Weekly Events are Back!

We’ve had weekly events back for a week, and what a fun week it’s been! We’re pleased to see everyone back, and we’re happy to see how many folks are comfortably returning to in-store play and having a great time doing it! What’s new Our board game library (free to use in store as part […]

Magic: the Gathering Store events

Magic Promo Packs – More ways to get ’em

Want to get these fancy Magic promo packs? Now you can get them any time you attend an event! Any player can redeem their rewards points for these packs at any time during an event (limit 1 pack of each type per event). So if you never spent any money apart from event entries, that […]

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Weekly Events Return, June 14

We’re pleased to announce that our weekly lineup of events will return on June 14, 2021! We’re going to start modestly, and see how many folks attend. Then after a week or two, we’re going to start adding events onto nights that have space, where those events are reasonably complimentary. Some games, like Pokemon, still […]

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D&D Summer Youth Programs 2021 – Online Programs

Each summer since we’ve been open, we’ve done a robust, in-person summer day program for parents to bring young adventures to. We know having activities at home is important right now, so this year, rather than manage all the health concerns of parents and young kids interacting in person, we’re going to run those summer […]

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Board Game Swap Debrief

Over $3000 donated to charity, 900+ games swapped & sold First, a sincere thank you to the Rochester regional board game community, who have been so enormously supportive throughout the last year and a half. We couldn’t be here, writing this, without you. Second, the energy in the store on Saturday was incredible. As each […]