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October Youth D&D – Online

Ongoing campaigns continue for ages 8-16 online! If your young adventurer loved the September session, be sure to sign up for October before someone else snags your seat to adventure! Head over to the new Youth Events section of our website, choose the table or DM you know from summer camp, and sign up! We […]

Magic: the Gathering Store events

Midnight Hunt Collector 3 Pack & Promo

Do you want promos, but aren’t quite ready for events yet? Do you like werewolves? How about SHINEY werewolves? Then look no further than our Buy-2-Get-1 deal on Midnight Hunt Collector Boosters, good now through Thursday! Didn’t get a box on preorder? Missed out on promos? Snag two packs for $60, and we’ll throw in the […]

Digimon Store events

Digimon Store Championship, October 2

Compete to become Just Games store champion!! Join our events for exclusive 2021 Store Championship promotional items! North American players will play to win a finals invite to this year’s championships! Sign up here FORMAT Event registration from 12-12:30, round 1 starts at 12:30 pm. Singles, Constructed, Swiss Rounds. No Top Cut is supported for […]

Magic: the Gathering Store events

Commander Sealed Charity Debrief

We’re super proud of all the community did to support yesterday’s Commander Sealed charity event to benefit the Trevor Project. We had 64 participants, over 80 people in attendance, and a lot of fun! In total, the event generated $4,646.54 in cash donations! That’s a huge volume, and absolutely blew right by our original fundraising […]

Board Games Store events

Games for Everyone holiday series

Our Games for Everyone series returns with a holiday lineup that preps you for fun with all your family and friends! As always, these events run from 1-4 pm on Saturday, and let you learn fun new games for the whole family! Here’s our lineup by date and theme. Ghostly Games for Halloween, Oct 23 Games […]

Board Games Card Games Store events

Games for Everyone Series: Co-ops and Calico!

Games for Everyone returns this Saturday, August 28 at 1 pm! Due to some shipping delays, we’ve had to change up our original roster for this event; we’re going to show off some great Coooperative Games … and also Calico! Obscurio – An awesome semi-cooperative escape from the wizard’s tower Zombie Teenz – Cooperate with […]

Store events

Just Games Marble Mayhem (JGMM) Team Competition

The Just Games Team Contest, allows fans to submit a team to compete in the Just Games Marble Mayhem competition. The rules for submission included: You may only submit one team for this contest. Your team must consist of at least 5 equally looking marbles (4 regular athletes, 1 reserve). Your team marbles must have […]

40K Store events

Kill Team League begins Sept 5

Welcome to our Kill Team league page! To go along with the launch of Kill Team Octarius, we’re inviting you to a 5 week kill team league! Sept 5 will be a demo day, as we wrap up our current Escalation league. Don’t know what Kill Team is? Want to build models with friends? Come […]

Magic: the Gathering Nox Cocktail Lounge Store events

Innistrad Prerelease at Nox Cocktail Lounge, Sept 18

Nox and Just Games are back for the Innistrad: Midnight Hunt prerelease on Sept 18 at 3 pm. Whoo! That feels good to say. Since this event is at a cocktail lounge, and COVID is still a thing, there are some extra steps taken to ensure the safety and fun of all participants. Details and Event […]

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