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Game of Thrones Tournament for Playsets

Game of Thrones LCG

“Much and More” weekly tournament for playsets of cards

  • Sunday, 2pm-6pm
  • $3 entry
  • 4-8 players, 3 rounds
  • 9+ players, 4 rounds

A weekly Game of Thrones tournament with playsets of cards as prizes. Players that are undefeated (or top 3, if fewer than 3 players are undefeated) select 1 playset (3 copies) of any card from the Game of Thrones Core Set. A great way to flesh out your collection, or just get spare copies of favorite cards for building additional decks. We will also award last place a “Sansa Prize” of 1 playset of cards of their choice.

TOME software will be used for pairings. Tie breaks will be automatically calculated according to the latest version of TOME.

Additional Cards

Additional full-art promos from game night kits will be added as kits release or cards become available. Additional cards from Faction decks (e.g. Wolves of the North) and Chapter Packs will be added as interest dictates.

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