Magic: the Gathering Store events

Learn to Play Magic

Learn to build decks for the card game Magic the Gathering at this introductory league! Running for 4 weeks, the league starts on January 27th and ends on February 17th. Geared for new players, but experienced players are welcome too. It runs from 4:30 – 6 pm each Friday. You can arrive at any time during that hour and a half.

On week one, you pay $15 and get 2 booster packs of Ather Revolt and 1 booster pack of Kaladesh. You construct, with the help of experienced players, a deck of 30 cards from the contents of your packs (land are provided by the store). Then you play matches against opponents. For this league a match is a single game against another participant; not 3 games like in a sanctioned event.

Each subsequent week you purchase 1 booster pack of Aether Revolt or Kaladesh and can add any cards you like from it to your deck. At the end of the league you should have a 60 card deck, ready to play in Standard Friday Night Magic.

Prizes will be promos every week and an extra pack at the end of the league.

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