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Malifaux GG2016 Tournament, May 22

This will be the first GG2016 tournament held in Rochester so we are going to try to kick things off right.

Guaranteed Prize support:
1st: Dark Carnival Box Set
2nd: 2x Small Mystery boxes
3rd: Small Mystery box
Best Painted: Something Sweet.

>8 Players:
1st: Dark Carnival + Small Box
2nd: Large Mystery Box
3rd: 2x Small Mystery
Best Painted: Idk if I can do something better than Sweet, but it’s a maybe!

If we break 12 players more prize support will be added.
The listed prizes are in addition to Store Credit based on attendance.
We will have some door prizes as well, which will include Guilders (which I hear buy alternate sculpt masters)

The Important Stuff:

Store: Just Games
Location: 1601 Penfield Rd, Suite 750, Rochester, NY 14625
Date: Sunday, May 22nd 2016
Time: 12pm-6pm
Format: 50ss GG2016 3 rounds (Rnd 1: Corners, Rnd 2: Flank, Rnd 3: Standard)
Cost: $10

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