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Upcoming game events in May and June

Want a summary of the upcoming board game, card game, role-playing and miniatures gaming events at Just Games? Check out this broken out list of special events coming up in May and June.



1              Shadows Over Innistrad Game Day

7              Warhammer 40k Warp Wheel Tournament

14           PPTQ Honolulu + Painting Demo Day

15           Rochester UnPub Monthly Meeting

22           Malifaux Tournament, Noon-6 pm, 3 rounds, $10

28           D&D Epic : Escape from Waterford Part 3

29           Guild Ball Summer Kickoff  + Last Sunday Legacy



11           Eternal Masters Release Draft

18           Free RPG Day

D&D Epic : Escape from Waterford Part 4

25           Board Game Swap & Sell

29           New Warmahordes Mk 3 release

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Just Games gives back to the Rochester area community by running events and donating to schools, libraries and more!

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