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Painting Challenge: 1 Mini, 30 days

Late last year we ran some minis painting days, and folks who attended said they’d like to see more like it. So we at Just Games are proud to present the Miniatures Painting Challenge: You have approximately 30 days, to paint 1 mini out of a selection. Then, at the end of a month, everyone who entered brings in their minis. We have a game day, and our guest judges select winners based on experience level (novice, intermediate and advanced painters). The winner in each category will get great miniatures prizes and swag (exact prizes are based on the number of entries). Cost to enter will vary based on the miniatures used, but will generally be $10-$15 and includes both your mini and the prizes given out.

This month’s challenge begins February 1 and has judging day on February 25. You can sign up online or in store, and the minis will be available starting for pickup any time on or after February 1. When you checkout online, be sure to select the mini you want to pain from the dropdown below.

Minis Challenge

Painting Challenge: 1 Mini, 30 days

Without further ado, here are the minis for this month’s painting challenge:

Painting Challenge: 1 Mini, 30 days
The noble Alain, paladin of the first order, stands ready to defend his friends and king against the most fearsome enemies.
Painting Challenge: 1 Mini, 30 days
The half-orc Imrijka is prepared for anything and works with Alain to uncover the truth – by any means necessary












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