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Tell us why Chris Pine should play D&D at Just Games

So, if you didn’t see the Esquire article, Chris Pine – star of D&D Honor Among Thieves – was involved in a nice little piece extolling the educational merits of Dungeons & Dragons. It’s a great piece! Given Just Games connection to local schools and libraries, our customers started, um, submitting essays on why Chris Pine should come play D&D with us.* Well, far be it for ME to stand in the way of progress.

If you’d like to get in on this bit of fun, you can submit your article on “Why Chris Pine should Play D&D at Just Games” to Best article as chosen by our management team gets published right here on our website, and will be submitted to Wizards of the Coast for consideration on their retailer pages, and we’ll buy you 2 tickets to see D&D Honor Among Thieves (actually a $40 gift card to AMC).

So sharpen those writing skills, role-players, and give us your best shot at why Chris Pine should come play D&D at Just Games!

*Please note we have no idea if Chris Pine is even on the internet, or cares what we do, and we certainly don’t know him personally. But we’re fans of his D&D movie, and you all thought this was a neat idea, so we’re here for it. Oh, and all images actually from the movie are copyright Wizards of the Coast and not us, we’re just here as fans today, nothing to gain here but some fun. 

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