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The Amonkhet Trials Tournament, May 27

Amonkhet is upon us, and for those Magic players who wish to bring Glory to the God-Emperor after Game Day, Just Games presents the Amonkhet Trials Tournament. Battle in your selected format, and determine who alone shall be the Worthy Challengers of Just Games.

This tournament will be held on Saturday, May 27. Registration will begin at noon, with round one going up at 12:30. The first 30 players who pre-register or register will receive a free Foil Gremlin / Energy Reserve token, valued at ~$20, just for signing up.

The Amonkhet Trials Tournament, May 27

When you register, you will choose Standard or Modern. You will then play 4 rounds of your chosen format. The top 4 in each format will go on to draft Amonkhet, free, to determine who shall be our Worthy Challengers – many may enter, but only the top 3 of the final draft will leave with the coveted “Worthy Challenger” playmat.

Pre-register online


First 30 registrations will get 1 free Foil Gremlin / Energy Reserve token.

Constructed Portion Prizes

  • Top 4 at Modern AND Standard will get their choice, in order of standings, of an alternate art Canopy Vista, Sunken Hollow, Cinder Glade, Prairie Stream, or Smoldering Marsh. The cards NOT selected will be given away at random to 2 lucky winners that finish all swiss rounds (10 cards in total). Approximate value $20.
  • The Top 4 in Standard, and the Top 4 in Modern will each get 4 bonus packs of Amonkhet.
  • Everyone who finishes all 4 rounds will get 2 packs of Amonkhet.

Draft Portion Prizes

  • Top 2 in the draft will receive a set of 1 of each of these rare promo art lands (total of 5 lands, $100 value).
  • Top 3 in the Amonkhet draft will get 1 “Worthy Challenger” playmat, pictured below ($25 value)
  • Anyone in the draft will win 1 additional pack per match win.

The total value of this prize pool is over $1500 in packs and swag, and if you pre-register you are guaranteed a rare promo item worth your entry fee. Don’t miss this awesome tournament from Just Games, and determine if you will be among our most worthy challengers in Amonkhet!

Sign up online

Sign up online or at the door. Pre-register to guarantee your seat!

Worthy Challenger

The Amonkhet Trials Tournament, May 27

The Amonkhet Trials Tournament, May 27


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