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The Great 2020 Terrain Contest

Want to win a terrain contest for your awesome painting? Of course you do!

By know you miniatures gamers know that we can’t run events in store, and we probably won’t be able to this year. But, what you may not know is that we have seen a ~30% increase in purchases of miniatures and paint supplies this year! What does that mean? Apart from “ya’ll are painting a lot,” it means that next year some time, when we can run events, we’re going to need a whole lot of beautifully painted, durable store terrain. Introducing…

The Great 2020 Terrain Contest

Entering the contest is simple; paint a piece of terrain, drop it off at the store. A piece may be defined however you want, but it should be no larger than 12″x12″, may be of any theme you like, for any game you like, and should be suitable for the rules of the game you select.

We’ll take photos of each piece of terrain. Then, our panel of judges (selected from among you and our staff and area painters), will vote for their favorites in the following categories:

The Great 2020 Terrain Contest

Best Painted

To win this category, your piece of terrain has to really POP. Expect to fully paint, base, highlight and add that special something with your paint!

Best Customization

It didn’t come in the box this way, but DANG is it cool looking!

Most Functional

This piece looks good, but it can also take a beating at the gaming table.

Overall Most Excellent, Spectacular, Totally Awesome and Pretty

The ideal overall winner will be well-painted, include some customization and be functional on the gaming table. Good terrain should be a thing of beautify too, so we’ll also score this on how pretty it is, as well as how well it bridges all the other categories.

The Great 2020 Terrain Contest

Rules for the Terrain Contest

  • All entries will be enshrined in our terrain library, for use in store. We suggest adding your name tastefully somewhere, or perhaps the phrase “The Great 2020 Terrain Contest.”
  • No foam terrain – it simply doesn’t hold up to daily in-store use
  • Terrain kits are acceptable (e.g. from Games Workshop, Mantic, etc).
  • Repaints of pre-painted terrain are also fine.
  • Anyone found entering another person’s work in this contest will be disqualified without prize.
  • Terrain you have already painted in the past is an acceptable entry.
  • You cannot win more than one category.
  • We reserve the right to add prizes or honorable mentions, based on getting a larger than expected number of entries.
  • You have to put your real name, email, and phone number on a note card with your entry. Gotta know who painted it and whose account to put prizes on.

Contest Entry Dates

Contest may be entered any time starting immediately. Cutoff for entries to be in is October 31. Entries will be judged and winners announced by Monday, November 9.

Prizes for the Terrain Contest

The winner in each category will win a $100 store credit spree! The overall winner will get a $150 in store credit.

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