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Theros: Beyond Death Prerelease, January 17-19

This winter, Magic: the Gathering brings the Theros Beyond Death pre-release to Just Games! Pre-releases are on January 17-19, with the full release on the following Friday.

In Theros, the pantheon of gods vies for undying devotion among their mortal subjects. But in the Underworld, there is only one master: the Lord of the Dead. Break free from death’s shackles as a hero reborn. Choose your god and fight in their name…or forge a destiny all your own.

We have added three new events to our schedule recently, so if you haven’t been in a while, or still haven’t checked out our new space, now’s your chance!

Pre-registration Now Open

Preregistration is closed, but at the door tickets may be available. Sunday 1 pm is sold out.

Friday 3 pm Early Bird

Going to a pre-release is fun! Doing it for $10 off, at $25 is even more fun! The first 25 players to pre-register can take advantage of this special $25 pricing, after that the price rises $5, so don’t wait to commit to this event. Come in mid-afternoon on Friday and try out the new time slot. See how you like it, and do it for less for interrupting a work day!

Friday Night (Magic) Prerelease, 6 pm Friday

FNM Pre-release sealed! Same as the old Saturday afternoon time slot, similar prizes, just as awesome!



Below is the summary of our Theros Beyond Death pre-release events, prizes and time-slots.

Register online.


Event Prizes Pre-reg / at-the door
# rounds
Friday 3 pm “Early Bird”
  • 2 packs for playing all 3 rounds
$25 ($30) / $35 3 3:00 pm
Friday, 6pm “FNM Prerelease”
  • 1 pack per match win
  • Everyone gets at least 1 pack
$35 / $40 3 6:30 pm
Saturday, 9 am, “Super Casual”
  • Everyone gets 2 packs for playing
  • 45 minute build time, better for learners
$30 / $35 3 9:30 am
Saturday 1pm “Super Premium”
  • 3-0 records: 9 Packs
  • 2-1 records: 6 packs
  • All others: 3 packs
  • 1x complete Spellbook Gideon’s will be given away to 3-0 finishers
  • 10x Packs of Theros give away to random participants
  • 1 custom playmat to 3-0 players
  • Pizza will be served mid-event
$45 / $50 3 1:00 pm
Saturday, 5 pm “2-Headed Giant”
  • 2 packs / team / match win
$35 per player 3 5:30 pm
Sunday, 1 pm, “Super Casual”
  • Everyone gets 2 packs for playing
  • 45 minute build time, better for learners
$30 / $35 3 1:00pm
Sunday, 2HG, 5 pm
  • 2 packs / team / match win
$35 per player 3 5:00 pm

Pre-register online.


Boxes are available at the door and include the Buy-A-Box Promo 

UPDATE: If you preorder a box from us you can now pick it up during prerelease weekend.

Pre-release box Special $145
Alongside your 36 Theros Beyond Death boosters, you’ll get:

  • FREE pre-registration to the Theros Beyond Death prerelease regular event (no premium or secret events)
  • The buy-a-box promo card, waiting for you when you pick up your box. (Limit one per person)

You will have your box waiting for you with your name on it ready to be picked up at pre-release weekend during events, January 17-19

Deckbuilder’s Preorder Special – 1 Box + $40 of singles: $145
Alongside your 36 Theros Beyond Death boosters, you’ll get:

  • $40 gift card good for Magic singles (individual cards) of your choice. Spend it now, or wait for release day.
  • The buy-a-box promo card, waiting for you when you pick up your box. (Limit one per person)

Available for pickup at the pre-release! You can spend the coupon for $40 off Magic singles whenever you like, for up to 30 days after release!

Theros Beyond Death Booster Box $120 (preorder price, $129.99 at the door)

  • 36 booster packs of Theros Beyond Death
  • 1 Buy-A-Box promo card

Available for pickup at the pre-release!

Collector Booster Box Special $299.99 

Theros Beyond Death Collector Box Prerelease

In addition to your box of 12 boosters, you’ll get

  • 1 Buy a Box Promo
  • 1 Promo Booster Pack
  • 1 free entry into any pre-release you choose
  • Delivery of your box at the pre-release (while supplies last)

Collector Boosters return with Theros Beyond Death, but we’re tweaking the formula a little bit. We’ll have the nitty-gritty below for those who like details, but for a quick look at how Theros Beyond Death Collector Boosters are bringing Theros to life, well, here you go:


Promo Playmat Art

This amazing playmat will be available at select events (see schedule above).


Art coming soon!




Preregister now online

* Premium events are the Saturday 1pm and the Secret Event Sunday.