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War of the Spark pre-release, April 27 & 28

This spring, Magic: the Gathering brings the War of the Spark to Just Games! Pre-release are April 27 & 28, with the full release on the following Friday.

We have added three new events to our schedule, so if you haven’t been in a while, or still haven’t checked out our new space, now’s your chance!

As a special offer for those who love Magic sets dripping with theme, if you pre-register between now and April 15 for at least 2 pre-release events, you’ll receive a free set of Chandra goggles (while supplies last) for signing up early!

Pre-register today

Advance tickets are sold out. Seats may be available at the door.

Family Sealed – 1 pm Saturday

Going to a pre-release is fun! Getting paired against mom, dad or the family you always play against isn’t. So for Family Sealed, we’re adding a bonus – when you register you designate 1 other person whom you arrived with by writing their name on our registration sheet. If, at any point, you get paired against that person you both get a bonus pack of War of the Spark immediately! Everyone wins, and you don’t have to feel bad about winning or losing against your friends and family (and yeah, a friend who is like family still counts!).


Breakfast – 9 am Sunday

Sunday 9 am join us for food and battle, as we host our first every Breakfast pre-release; french toast, eggs, coffee and juice. Shake off the party from Nox the night before with a breakfast spread, followed by War of the Spark pre-release.



Below is the summary of our  War of the Spark pre-release events, prizes and time-slots.

Register online.


Event Prizes Pre-reg / at-the door
# rounds
Friday, 11:30 pm, Midnight Premium
  • 3-0 players get 8 packs
  • 2-1 records get 6 packs
  • All other players get 3 packs
  • ALL Prize packs are in War of the Spark Boosters
  • Undefeated Players: 1 custom playmat
$45 / $50 3 12:01 am
Saturday, 9 am, “Super Casual”
  • Everyone gets 2 packs for playing
  • 45 minute build time, better for learners
$30 / $35 3 9:30 am
Family Sealed
  • Get paired against a child /parent / sibling / spouse, win a bonus pack
  • Everyone gets 1 pack per win (and 1 pack even if they don’t win any games)
  • Pizza will be served mid-event
  • Undefeated Players get 1 custom playmat
$35 / $40 3 1 pm
Saturday, 5 pm, “Kids Play”
  • All attendees must be 16 or younger, young children may be helped by a parent
  • Everyone gets 2 packs for playing
  • 45 minute build time, better for learners
$30/ $35 3 5 pm
Saturday, 6pm “Nox”
  • All attendees must be 21 or older, young children may be helped by a parent
  • Event is off-site at Nox Cocktail Lounge
  • Everyone gets 2 packs for playing
  • 30 minutes for build, choose from 2-Headed Giant or Sealed
$35/ $40 3 5 pm
Sunday, 9 am, “Breakfast”
  • Everyone gets a free breakfast to ramp up for Sunday events
  • Everyone gets 2 packs for playing
  • 30 minutes for eating + 30 minutes for building (no reason to syrup up those cards!)
$35 / $40 3 9:30 am
Sunday, 1 pm, “Super Casual”
  • Everyone gets 2 packs for playing
  • 45 minute build time, better for learners
$30 / $40 3 1:00pm
Sunday, 2HG, 4 pm
  • 2 packs / team / match win
  • Special 2-Headed Giant Bonus, The Top Team gets a gigantic tablemat which they will sign their names on, and will be used for future 2-Headed Giant events at Just Games. Stand your ground, and make a mark on Just Games history!
$35 per player 3 4:00 pm
Sunday, Secret Event
  • Attention all — eswalkers — he call to defend —
  • Agents of Nicol Bolas have infiltrated our —
  • — imited seating, pre-registration required —
  • Bounty: Defeat Nicol Bolas to —

We guarantee you’ll like this one. That’s all we can say; prepare for battle.

$150 ??? 12:30 pm

Pre-register online.



UPDATE: If you preorder a box from us you can now pick it up during prerelease weekend.

Pre-release box Special $144
Alongside your 36 War of the Spark boosters, you’ll get:

  • FREE pre-registration to the  War of the Spark prerelease regular event (no premium or secret events)
  • The buy-a-box promo card, waiting for you when you pick up your box. (Limit one per person)

You will have your box waiting for you with your name on it ready to be picked up at pre-release weekend April 27 & 28

Deckbuilder’s Special – 1 Box + $40 of singles: $144
Alongside your 36  War of the Spark boosters, you’ll get:

  • $40 gift card good for Magic singles (individual cards) of your choice. Spend it now, or wait for release day.
  • The buy-a-box promo card, waiting for you when you pick up your box. (Limit one per person)

Available for pickup at the pre-release! You can spend the gift card whenever you like, for up to 30 days after release!

 War of the Spark Booster Box $120

  • 36 booster packs of  War of the Spark
  • 1 Buy-A-Box promo card
  • Save $25 off the regular price

Available for pickup at the pre-release!


Promo Playmat Art

This amazing playmat will be available at select events (see schedule above).



Preregister now online

* Premium events are the Midnight and the Secret Event Sunday.

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