Magic: the Gathering MTG

Lord of the Rings Draft is here

Join us tonight for our first Lord of the Rings booster draft. This format will repeat Wednesdays and Fridays until Commander Masters previews the last week of July. Draft seats promptly at 6:30, signups begin at 6 pm. Players get 3 packs to create a deck from, draft them at a table of 6-10 players, […]


Leviathan Learn to Play

Event begins July 9th and runs for 5 weeks total. Followed by a Leviathan League for all players.  Now that Leviathan has hit shelves and is available to be in your hands, we want to give you something to play with it! So get your Leviathan box and let’s play! 40K LEVIATHAN LEARN TO PLAY […]

Pathfinder Society Role-Playing

Pathfinder Sketch Covers preorder

Expected Release in November 2023 The Pathfinder Player Core presents a new entry point to Pathfinder Second Edition, with everything a player needs to learn how to play the game! Choose from eight ancestries, eight complete character classes, and hundreds of feats and spells to make unique characters ready for deadly adventures in a world […]

Magic: the Gathering

RCQ Pioneer, July 8

Join Just Games on July 8 for our competitive level round 4 qualifier for Dreamhack! This round features new promos, and an invite for 1st. We’ll be hosting a Pioneer RCQ, from 11 am to 9 pm. This event has some limitations on seating, so preregistration is encouraged. Instructions for decklists will be emailed out […]

Board Games

Board Game Swap & Sell, July 1

Our twice yearly Board Game Swap & Sell is at 12 pm on July 1. Everyone seems to have appreciated the slower pace of ticketed entry, so we’re going to do that again! This event will close the game room for the day, so any regularly scheduled events will be postponed to their next regularly […]

Magic: the Gathering

Learn to Play: Lord of the Rings Prerelease Edition: June 21st

My dear Bagginses, Boffins, Tooks and Brandybucks, if you’re new to Magic and are looking for a laid back event to ease you in, this is it! Come play Magic with us in-store with a brand new set themed around characters and scenes from Lord of the Rings, and receive lots of sweet cards for doing so! No prior […]

Games for Everyone

The five people you’ll meet at your D&D table

By Mikey Martin  Tabletop roleplaying game players: You know ‘em and you love ‘em. But once you’ve sat at enough tables you start to see a pattern emerge. Through the nature of role-playing, players start to fall into a few broad archetypes. Both in the role of someone running a game and as a player, […]

Store events

What is D&D?

By Mikey Martin  “You want to do what?” I brought my hand to my temple, rubbing in small circles as though it would make my player’s idea any less reckless. “I said I want to shove my friends out of the way of the Guildleader’s spell.” Oh. They weren’t kidding. The Guildleader’s amulet was crackling […]

40K Miniatures

Leviathan Preorders now live

Releases on June 24, 2023 The Leviathan box heralds the launch of 10th edition of Warhammer 40K! Containing around $800 of models and books, this is the definitive source for folks wanting to start the new edition of the game. When can I preorder?  Right now! Our stock levels are locked in, so your preorder […]

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