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RCQ Pioneer, July 8

Join Just Games on July 8 for our competitive level round 4 qualifier for Dreamhack! This round features new promos, and an invite for 1st. We’ll be hosting a Pioneer RCQ, from 11 am to 9 pm. This event has some limitations on seating, so preregistration is encouraged.

Instructions for decklists will be emailed out to the email associated with your in-store membership the week prior to this event – check there as well for a primer, a decklist, and for answers to your burning questions. If you can’t find answers there, email 

We are taking a different approach to this event. Registration is just $5, and prizes are the promo cards and the invites.

Register now

This is a Pioneer format Swiss tournament with a top 8 cut. A decklist is required.

  • Registration closes when sold out, or at 11 am.
  • Players should be checked in to the event and in the building by 11:30 am to allow ample time for us to correct any registration errors prior to the player meeting and round 1.
  • Player meeting will be at approximately 11:45 am
  • Decklists are due before the start of round 1.
  • Round 1 begins at 12 pm.
  • Rounds will be 50 minutes in length.
  • There will be a lunch break after Round 3.

The winner gets an invite to the Regional Championship!


This is a Competitive REL tournament. A paper decklist is required.

Judges will provide detailed instructions on tournament procedures before Round 1, and collect decklists at that time.


  • Unholy Heat: Non-foil versions are available by participating in local qualifiers. Traditional foil versions are available as well through participating in larger open qualifying events as well as side events at Regional Championships. This version of Unholy Heat features new artwork from Cabrol.RCQ Pioneer, July 8
  • Eldritch Evolution: Non-foil versions of this card can be earned by being a top finisher in local qualifiers. Traditional foil versions will be available to players who earn invitations to their respective Regional Championship at qualifier events. The next evolution in this card’s art comes courtesy of DZO.RCQ Pioneer, July 8
  • One 3-Day DreamHack badge for 1st picked up at Dreamhack)

Path to the Pros – the RCQ

With William “Huey” Jensen recently put at the helm of Play Programs at WotC, there was a bit of hope that he’d be able to bring the player perspective to bare and deliver some welcomed changes. Well, Spoiler Alert, this announcement is FANTASTIC! Let’s take a look at it.

The long and short of everything here is that the Pro Tour is back! No longer are we calling it “Players Tours”, and gone is convoluted ways to qualify for these events. Here’s the graphic for the path to the Pro Tour for paper play.

RCQ Pioneer, July 8

Wizards of the Coast

It starts with the Regional Championship Qualifiers (RCQs). Across the world, various outlets have partnered with Wizards to be the official holders of RCQ’s.

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