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Magic: the Gathering Wizards Play Network Qualifier, November 16

Just Games is extremely pleased to announce that we will be hosting the latest in competitive Magic events, giving our local players a path to the Players Tour right here in their local game store! This new event is similar to the MCQs of last season, in that it awards an Invite to the Americas Players Tour and a travel stipend to 1st place!


Format and details

  • Registration begins at 12 pm. Round 1 posted at 12:30 pm
  • Standard
  • Entry $30 pre-registered, $35 at the door.
  • Decklists required, competitive rules enforcement level – please familiarize yourself with tournament floor rules and our store Code of Conduct prior to attending so that we can all have an enjoyable play experience.

Extra goodies will be given out for:

  • Missing the Top 8 cut by breakers (stinks, we know!)
  • Traveling the farthest to attend this event
  • Playing in a Competitive REL for the first time


  • 1st – Invite to the Americas Players Tour and $200 travel stipend
  • 2nd – Ravnica Allegiance MYTHIC Edition (Sealed)
  • 3rd-4th – 36 packs of Throne of Eldraine
  • 5th-8th – 18 packs of Throne of Eldraine
  • The Top 32 players will also receive a Foil Promo Arcbound Ravager!
  • The Top 8 players will also receive an exclusive Arcbound Ravager playmat!
  • The Top 100 players will also receive an exclusive Exquisite Sleeve Promo pack good for use on Magic Arena

We’re very excited about this event, and we hope for a huge turnout!

Side events

Draft will be available starting at 4pm for those who wish to drop form the main event but still play some Magic while waiting for friends to finish. Draft are $20 and feature 5 packs for 3-0, 4 packs for 2-0-1, 3 packs for 2-1 and 1 pack for all other players.



WPNQ Registration