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March Metal Monsters – Painting Challenge

Our February painting challenge had 16 participants and a great contest with a lot of great entries! Winners can be found in our gallery of past challenges. We also are here to announce the March miniatures challenge.

By popular demand we will be using metal as our base material, and in keeping with our promise to give D&D players and DMs something they can use, we will be running monsters this month! Choose from the following beastly critters.

Your pick: D’Kuhl, Bathalian, the non-copyright infringement Mind Flayer
Our pick, the goblin commando riding a war dog, from the Pathfinder line. Perfect for challenging your hero from last month!















The entry for March is $15, and you can select either mini that you like for the challenge. Entries will be due during our D&D Epic on March 25, and judging will be held at 3 pm just prior to the end of the first session of the Epic.

March Painting Challenge