Magic: the Gathering

Online Discord Magic with free prizes

Did you miss out on the last online limited league? Wanting to learn to play Commander online with your fancy new Commander Legends cards? We’ve got you covered! Our community has built up several good-sized and active Discord groups, so hop in and check it out!

Rook’s Table 
Standard, Pauper, Commander
Weeknights after 7pm

Children’s Card Games
Commander, Modern
Weekdays after 6:00PM, anytime on weekends

Limited League
Once a week, 7:00PM

Commander Sundays
Sunday nights, 8:00pm

Magic: The Socially Distant Gathering
Draft, Standard, Commander
As scheduled, see chat at

Signup For for Webcam Magic

Best of all, these groups are now part of our “WebCam Magic” sponsored play. Each month, we’ll provide each registered member of these groups a care package that can be picked up at the storefront (or we can arrange shipping for $5). To register as a member of this group, fill out the form below.

Each month you need to have another member send us a screenshot of you playing against them via webcam. Once you do, we’ll put your prizes aside at the store. It’s that simple!

Please note; you are welcome to participate in as many groups as you want! However, you only need to send us one screenshot from one group for it to count, and prizes will not be based on participation in multiple groups. Also, these are not store groups, and may have their own code of conduct or rules. While we strongly encourage all group leaders to adopt Just Games code of conduct, if they do not have their own rules, Just Games is not responsible for activities in these groups, nor do we administrate them directly.

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