Store events

What’s coming up?

Come and play! This winter’s a busy time for gaming! Check out these special events coming up in January, February and March! Linked events will go to tickets to preregister or event details, unlinked events have details TBA.


Feb 4 – Age of Sigmar Painting Contest models due at store

Feb 17 Pokemon League Cup

Feb 23 Lorcana Into the Inklands Release

Feb 24 Ravnica: Clue Launch Party

Feb 24 Keyforge Grim Reminders Prerelease

Feb 25 Hobby Day – Dry Brushing Class

Feb 29 Tickets open for Epic D&D April Masterclasses on Tuesdays


March 1 Digimon BT17 Prerelease

March 2 Star Wars Unlimited Prerelease

March 2 – OFF SITE – Pokemon L2P at Strong Museum

March 8 Fallout Universes Beyond Release

March 9 Star Wars Unlimited Release Weekend

March 9 Pokemon Temporal Forces Prerelease

March 16 Pokemon League Challenge

March 16 Warhammer Old World Casual Tournament

March 23 Mythic Space – Peter LaCara RPG

March 30 Commander Party Winter

March 31 Age of Sigmar Escalation League Begins

March 31 Tickets open for Season 2 of Epic D&D

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