X-Wing League – Weekly

Starting this Tuesday, we will be hosting a weekly X-Wing league. Read on for details, or hit the Events tab for a full schedule of weekly board and card game events.

X-Wing League

$3 entry / week

Join us for X-Wing league every Tuesday from 6pm to 8 pm

Play as much or as little as you want – this is not a competitive event, where only the top finishers get prizes. Instead, everyone who plays earns points for each week they participate. At the end of a run of the league, players with the most points choose first from our box o’ swag, including promos from X-Wing, tokens, ships and more!

Participants earn MRP and store credit equal to their entry fee every week, plus additional great bonus swag at the end of each league.

One league season lasts for 12 weeks (3 months), with 4 leagues per year. If you don’t finish a league, your points will roll over into the next league.

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