Magic: the Gathering Store events

Learn to Play Magic – Wednesday June 8, 6pm

Learn to Play Magic at the Battle for Baldur’s Gate! Jump in and build a Commander deck at this cool draft event for new players. This is part of our Battle for Baldur’s Gate prerelease series of events. Get your ticket today Keep Calm, and Learn Magic Lauren is here to help you learn Magic! […]

Magic: the Gathering New Releases Store events

Commander Legends: Baldur’s Gate Prerelease & Preorder

Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate prerelease is June 3-9! There are two very exciting things about this prerelease This prerelease is a draft format, not sealed deck All non-draft boxes will come with an Ampersand Promo  Let’s break those two super important points down, so you can understand why they matter. Order now This Prerelease is […]

Age of Sigmar Miniatures Store events

Age of Sigmar Tournament, June 11th, 2022

  Age of Sigmar players, get your armies ready for Just Games Rochester’s first Age of Sigmar tournament of 2022!  The event will take place on Saturday, June 11th at 1 PM and will run for three rounds. This is an exciting chance for you to test your competitive mettle against other players in a […]

Magic: the Gathering Store events

Pioneer Thursdays Games & July RCQ

With competitive Magic returning to Just Games this summer via RCQ events, we’re excited to announce that Pioneer on Thursdays is rapidly becoming one of our go-to formats. Details $10 entry, pairings at 6:30 pm, 3 rounds. Read all about Pioneer at Wizards official website.  Prizes By popular demand, upper roster prizes are now store […]

Card Games Digimon Store events

Digimon TCG: New Awakening Prerelease

Digimon TCG New Awakening prerelease begins Friday, May 20 at 6 pm, and a Late Bird Flight Tuesday May 24 at 6 pm. Boxes are also available for order during prerelease. Reserve your prerelease seats Each prerelease participant will receive 6 booster packs, a Prerelease pack, and an alternate art card. Players will build the […]

Pokemon Store events

Pokemon Astral Radiance Prerelease, May 14

Prerelease at home comes with 1 Build and Battle Kit 3 Bonus Packs of Astral Radiance  Energy as needed for play (please ask us, as we know lots of players want it, but some absolutely don’t want more 🙂  Order your kit now Travel back to a primitive land dominated by myth and legend, where […]

Miniatures Store events

Malifaux Escalation Achievement League, Starts June 7

At Just Games, we’re gearing up for our first Malifaux Escalation Achievement League of the year, beginning at 6 pm on June 7th! This is a fantastic way to get introduced to the game if you’re a beginner, and a great way to track your progress for anyone looking to build a new crew. For […]

Store events

Kill Team Tuesday – Play and Build!

Kill Team Tuesdays! For fans of Games Workshop skirmish game action, Kill Team is coming to Just Games in a weekly format with prize support! Every Tuesday, starting at 6PM, come in for a round of Kill Team! Each week a different mission will be played, and pairings will be given out to try and […]

D&D Role-Playing Youth Programming

D&D Epic: The Witchlight Carnival, May 21

Your journey for the safe return of a treasured possession has led you back to the Witchlight Carnival: a spectacular event of games, music, food, and friendship. However, strange things are afoot, and it’s up to you to find out what they are and who is behind them. STEP RIGHT UP! One day only, join […]

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