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Magic: the GatheringNew ReleasesStore events

This Friday, April 8, we will celebrate the release of Shadows Over Innsitrad at Friday Night Magic with the following events: 2-Headed Giant Draft 6:30 pairings Standard, 6:30 pairings Booster Draft 6:40 pairings Modern, 6:45 pairings We will also have… Continue Reading…

Store events

Just Games is hiring a part-time sales associate able to work weekends. The job starts as soon as possible, but candidates must be available to work at least April – September 2016. Submit a resume to sales@justgamesroc.com SALES candidates will… Continue Reading…

D&DRole-PlayingStore events

The Just Games 5E D&D Epic series is a locally-authored multi-table, monthly D&D game in which participants play characters working together to overcome major upheaval in the world. Each table will have a part to play, and the characters’ success… Continue Reading…

Role-PlayingStore events

Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition is coming out in the middle of April. The Keeper Rulebook and Investigator book are the “Core” 7th Edition books. (You don’t need the Investigator book to play, but it’s a good supplement). All the… Continue Reading…

Magic: the GatheringStore events

GPT Modern Constructed. Registration at 12 pm. Seatings at 12:30. Decklists required. Entry $20. Not going to GPT Toronto? No problem – come play a great competitive Modern event. Prizes will be a combination of store credit and singles. Swiss… Continue Reading…

Magic: the GatheringStore eventsUncategorized

April 2 & 3, Saturday & Sunday Our pre-releases are focused on being comfortable, casual, and fun events for all levels of skill. We limit our seating at each event for the comfort of our customers, and to ensure the… Continue Reading…

Magic: the GatheringStore events

Standard Constructed. Registration at 12 pm. Seatings at 12:30. Decklists required. Entry is $25. Prereg online, see below. Prizes will be a combination of store credit and singles. Swiss rounds with a cut to Top 4-8 as appropriate. Prizes will… Continue Reading…

Board GamesCard GamesDiceStore events

We are proud to have been selected as a Prefered Partner to host a Geek & Sundry Game Night on March 2nd. Join us as we play these three great games, eat some snacks, and hang out until 10 pm… Continue Reading…

Board GamesMiniaturesStore events

Do the words “Soccer” and “Blood Sport” sound like music to your ears? Then join us at 6 pm every Thursday for Guild Ball at Just Games – this game is the miniatures game that board gamers have brought to… Continue Reading…

MiniaturesStore events

Monthly Warhammer League Noon Cost: Spend at least $15 in the store (they have lots of great Reaper minis, GW kits, the full Citadel Paint line, and tons of board and card games, dice, etc.). Format (Using Pre-End Times 25%… Continue Reading…

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