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Feedback from our customers

This week we asked for and got a lot of feedback from our customers, on everything from card games to dice selection. We did this partly as an excuse to give away some Rogue One tickets (mission accomplished!) but partly because part of our core philosophy is listening to you, our customers, and not making our choices blind. For example, you guys strongly indicated that you’re a charitable bunch of gamers, and want to see your store reflect this. So we’ve run several charity events (Kick the Can is coming up for Guild Ball this Saturday, the 17th, for example) and donated 7.5% of our profits to charity in 2016. Changes like those are easy to make; they feel good to do, and they make lots of people happy.

While we have several changes coming based on your feedback, one that we heard a lot of opinions on was out prizes at booster drafts. Some loved ’em, some hated ’em, some felt like there was just a better way. So we listened, and effective immediately, we’re going to make the prizes at all our Standard (that means Kaladesh right now, AEther Revolt in late January) 1 pack per match win. While we got a lot of suggestions (and I do mean a lot) we believe this change strikes the best balance with our core philosophy of being a great store for new players to learn and build a collection, while still giving competitive players a good incentive to play all rounds.

We are going to run this prizing until Standard Draft changes to Aether Revolt. If we see attendance for drafts go up over our December average, we’ll take that as a sign you guys like this prizing and we’ll stick with it. If attendance goes down or stays the same, we’ll explore one of the other great options you suggested.

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