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Marvel: Crisis Protocol Miniatures Game, preorders

Release Date Nov 15

Fantasy Flight last night to revealed something else with a Marvel spin. Marvel Crisis Protocol is a new miniatures game coming to Just Games soon and it’s packed with your favorite heroes and villains.  Avengers, assemble! 


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Marvel Crisis Protocol Miniatures Game

Marvel: Crisis Protocol Miniatures Game, preorders

Marvel: Crisis Protocol Miniatures Game, preorders

The game will feature a core set which features some famous heroes like Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Black Widow and Captain Marvel against nefarious foes like Ultron, Red Skull and Doctor Octavius. Future ‘packs’ will come with larger than life heroes and villains like Hulk and M.O.D.O.K.

Marvel: Crisis Protocol Miniatures Game, preorders

Our staffer, Neil Burns, was at Gen Con and got a chance to play this game on the floor of the hall before it opened. Any Marvel fan is going to love this game, and the free-form nature of the game is going to make it a ton of fun to build teams for.

It looks like it is going to be quick and fun to play with a good balance between powerful heroes like Hulk and those with a little more mortality to worry about like Black Widow.

The game is set on 3×3 tables so it’s close and brutal right away, but also allows for easy play like the Monsterpocalypse games we’re currently running on Thursdays. Additionally, terrain is going to be key to your games. It wouldn’t be Hulk without the chance for him to throw cars and rip pillars down to whack his foes, so also similar to Monsterpocalypse, expect cool terrain to be a big part of the mechanics.

Marvel: Crisis Protocol Miniatures Game, preorders

The game will focus in on players being able to freely bring together both villains and heroes and then clash with your friends. Think “heroclix without collect-ability,” which for a lot of folks has been the hangup on that game.

As well as being focused in a clash between you and your friends you will also be able to embrace some cool game modes like raids where you and another player take on a big boss controlled by someone else. There will also be a narrative campaign set which allows you to follow a story with a set team of heroes.

All of the miniatures are going to be multi-part plastics so there will be plenty of hobby involved in bringing this to life. They do look exceptionally well detailed and I can’t wait to see what they do going forward.

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