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Charity Commander Tournament to Benefit Gamers Outreach Foundation, Nov 9

Join us for our 3rd Annual Charity Commander Tournament to benefit Gamers Outreach Foundation through the Extra Life series of events! This event will take place at noon on Nov 9, with registration until 12:30 and round 1 starting them.

Sponsored by the Fisher Gaming Club! We are also offering $1500 in prizes in addition to all other prizes donated by Fisher students and the community at large!


Up to 64 players: 3 rounds, 3-4 players per table. Final table of 3 or 4 battling for top prize picks. Wizards Commander Banned list in effect.

Over 65-128 players: 4 rounds followed by a top 4 table.

Tournament is single elimination. After you’re eliminated, you’ll get 1 Standard Showdown or Wizards Promo pack and free entry into Commander League for Saturday so you can hang out and play Commander with your friends. You’ll still get your weekly rewards for playing too!

90 minute rounds. When time is called, the active player finishes their current turn. Then each other player takes 1 additional turn. If no one has won, then the highest life total takes the table. If there is a tie for highest life total, all players not tied are eliminated, and the remaining players play until one of them has a higher life total than the others. The player with the highest life total wins.

Wizards Banned list can be found here.


Charity Commander Tournament to Benefit Gamers Outreach Foundation, Nov 9

Prizes will be awarded according to various criteria:

  • 1st place: (Last player standing) New York City Pro Tour Collector Set, 1996 Inaugural Edition, sealed in box with history of past sellers. Valued at $500
  • Top placing Unaltered Commander Pre-constructed Deck: Guilds of Ravnica MYTHIC Edition (sealed) valued at $500
  • Highest Donor: From the Vault 20. Valued at ~$200
  • Best Sport (Player Voted by all participants to be the best sport during the Swiss): Breed Lethality Commander Deck. Valued at ~$200
  • 4x Signature Spellbook Gideon. Valued at $100, given as door prizes.
  • Additional prizes donated by the community given as door prizes or other placement to participants as the prize pool dictates.
  • 1 player may not win 1st place AND Top Placing Unaltered Deck, but may win others in any combination.


To donate prizes, please fill out the form below to commit to donate a prize.

Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you.

Suggested Donation $20, all donations go directly to Extra Life.

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Charity Commander Tournament to Benefit Gamers Outreach Foundation, Nov 9

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