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Star Wars Destiny Across the Galaxy, pre-orders

Anticipated release date November 29

Since the first days of the game, Star Wars Destiny has been a big part of the Just Games lineup! We are pleased to open pre-orders for the latest set, Across the Galaxy. When you pre-order a booster box, you’ll get double reward points. Those points are worth up to 20% off by themselves, depending how you spent them.

If you buy 3 boxes, we’ll give you all 3 boxes for $299.99, so you’ll save up front, and save later when you spend those reward points. An elegant bonus, for a more civilized age. 

You can read on for more details about the new expansion from Fantasy Flight Games, or mash that pre-order button below to lock in your boxes.

Pre-order Across the Galaxy (local pickup only)

Across the Galaxy Booster Box

Star Wars Destiny Across the Galaxy, pre-orders

Not good enough! Aren’t we drafting?

Absolutely! After the new set releases, we’ll be having our usual schedule of drafts followed by a Winter league heading into the new year!

All about Across the Galaxy

“I’m going to be a pilot. The best in the galaxy.”
–Han Solo, Solo: A Star Wars Story

Across the galaxy, citizens dream of adventure. Of becoming a dashing rogue, a skilled pilot, or maybe even a Jedi Knight. This where Luke Skywalker, Anakin Skywalker, Rey, and even Han Solo began their journeys. Feeling trapped, knowing they meant for something greater, just needing one shot…

Just Games  is proud to announce Across the Galaxy, a new set of booster packs for Star Wars™: Destiny featuring 160 brand-new cards!

Across the Galaxy brings the characters of Solo: A Star Wars Story to Star Wars: Destiny. Before he was a hero of the Rebellion, Han Solo was a cocky young pilot just looking for a little adventure. With a crew of like-minded individuals that includes Lando Calrissian and Tobias Beckett, the dashing young rogue finds his way to Star Wars: Destiny.

Across the Galaxy brings the block started by Legacies to its conclusion and expands on its themes. You can look forwards to plots with negative point values, cards that grow stronger when you spot specific characters, and new ways to upgrade some of the most famous vehicles in the galaxy. You can expect to see Across the Galaxy at retailers this November!

Star Wars Destiny Across the Galaxy, pre-orders

A Good Feeling

Before he was a member of the Rebellion, Han Solo never gave much thought to good or evil. He was looking out for number one; he was Han Solo, Independent Hotshot  (Across the Galaxy, 134). As a neutral character, Han can form a team with either villain or hero characters, and synergizes differently with each. Either way, Han’s special symbol allows you to deal two indirect damage to an opponent. However, you may reveal a villain card from your hand to force that opponent to lose one resource or reveal a hero card to gain one resource for yourself.

If Han is pulling a job with the infamous bounty hunter Bossk  (Empire at War, 17), not only will you be able to move around the indirect damage Han deals, you can rob your opponent of their resources with the villain cards included in your deck.

If, on the other hand, you cast your lot with the light side, you may form a team with Poe Dameron  (Two Player Starter, 25), giving you access to a variety of red upgrade and support cards that you can purchase with the resources you gain from Han’s special symbol.

Star Wars Destiny Across the Galaxy, pre-orders Star Wars Destiny Across the Galaxy, pre-orders

Either way Han Solo is a force to be reckoned with, and Across the Galaxy rewards players for playing neutral characters. Black Sun Blaster Pistol  (Across the Galaxy, 147) is a dangerous weapon, with two special symbols that deal two indirect damage to an opponent and one damage to a specific character. Along with its two ranged damage side, the pistol is a consistently reliable weapon. It becomes even stronger when attached to a neutral character, gaining Redeploy to ensure that even if its wielder is defeated, the pistol will stick around to further annoy your opponent.

The theme of spotting certain characters continues in Across the Galaxy. While some cards will require you to spot a specific character for a bonus, Indifferent   (Across the Galaxy, 140) only requires you to spot a neutral character to remove a dice. At a cost of one resource, so long as you have an undefeated neutral character, Indifferent is a fantastic way to control the field and make sure your opponent can’t gain an edge.

Always Be Prepared

Star Wars Destiny Across the Galaxy, pre-orders During the Galactic Civil War, the Imperial Special Forces Commando Unit Inferno Squad struck fear into enemies of the Empire. Leading this elite squad of soldiers was Iden Versio, a former TIE fighter pilot in the Imperial Starfighter Corps. Iden is an expert commander, and for a time was fiercely dedicated to the ideals of Emperor Palpatine. Iden Versio  (Across the Galaxy, 18) enters Star Wars: Destiny as a Villain, costing twelve points for a normal version or fifteen for an elite. With two ranged damage sides that each deal two damage, Iden Versio is likely to damage your opponent’s characters, but she truly shines with her special ability. While one or more of Iden’s character dice are in your pool, your opponents cannot take additional actions.

Taking additional actions are a very strong strategy in Star Wars: Destiny, and these actions come in a multitude of ways. From the original version of Rey  (Awakenings, 38) to any card that has the Ambush keyword, taking multiple actions in a turn can help a player set up damage without giving their opponent the ability to respond. But Iden Versio is a pro, and she’s not about to simply walk into an ambush. As long as her character die is in your pool, your opponent is locked into taking one action per round, no matter what card they play, making Iden Versio a formidable foe and always giving you a chance to respond to any threat.

Iden also has the backing of the entire Imperial fleet. The classic TIE Fighter  (Across the Galaxy, 31) makes an appearance and offers its own exception to deckbuilding rules, allowing you to include up to four copies of this vehicle in a deck. Furthermore, every time you play a TIE Fighter you may search your deck for another copy of the card and add it to your hand. If you have the resources, it can be easy to unleash a swarm of TIE Fighters on your opponent, especially considering every copy has Ambush. Imperials are experts at overwhelming their opponent with pure numbers, and TIE Fighters are one of their most omnipresent tools.

These TIE Fighters become even more terrifying when combined with a new mechanic introduced in Across the Galaxy. Mods are a new style of upgrades that work similarly to other upgrades, but are instead attached to certain supports. Across the Galaxy focuses on mods that are attached to vehicles. When you activate these vehicles, you also roll in the dice of all attached mods, making these supports that much more dangerous.

Star Wars Destiny Across the Galaxy, pre-orders
Mods are upgrades that attach to supports, making them even more dangerous when activated!

One of the most effective mods introduced in Across the Galaxy is the Triple Laser Turret  (Across the Galaxy, 133), able to mod any vehicle. With four sides showing damage, the Triple Laser Turret adds serious firepower to its attached support, but also provides protection. While the Triple Laser Turret is in your die pool, your opponent cannot remove the attached support’s die. As any Star Wars: Destiny veteran knows, die removal is a big part of the game, and preventing your opponent from messing with your dice can lead to some big damage.

Guardian of Peace

Across the galaxy, Jedi are the guardians of peace, protecting those who cannot protect themselves. Kit Fisto  (Across the Galaxy, 57) was a renowned warrior, and he enters Star Wars: Destiny costing thirteen points for a normal version or sixteen for an elite. Kit Fisto is an expert combatant with an emphasis on preventing damage to himself. Before he takes damage, he may remove one of his character or upgrade die showing melee damage to block an equal amount of damage. While this can take away some of your planned offense, it can also help ensure that Kit Fisto lives long enough to make an impact on the battlefield. Loading Kit up with upgrades should give you plenty of damage options with melee dice to spare for defensive purposes.

Jedi are experts at defending themselves, but when things are at their lowest point, they know how to survive. The rise of the Galactic Empire saw the Jedi Order wiped out, and the few who survived had to resort to more covert methods to remain unseen across the galaxy.

Star Wars Destiny Across the Galaxy, pre-orders Star Wars Destiny Across the Galaxy, pre-orders

Into Exile  (Across the Galaxy, 64) is a Blue event that can nearly ensure your character survives the turn. If you spot two ready characters, you may exhaust one of them to block all non-indirect damage to that character for the rest of the action phase. While exhausting the character takes them out of the fight, it means your opponent will have a difficult time finishing the game when they want to, and it lets you play the game at your own pace. Of course, this means your other characters will take the brunt of damage during the action phase. But if a character you have invested significant resources into survives the turn, it just may be worth it. Though they may be on the sidelines for the action phase, they may return for the next battle, ready to once again become a guardian of peace.

Across the Galaxy

Across the galaxy, heroes, villains, and everyone in between make their own destiny. From loyal Imperial soldiers, to crews of nebulous morality, to protective Jedi Knights. The galaxy is a big place, filled with denizens who are forging their own path. In your journey across the galaxy, what kind of story will you tell?

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